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The Prim Pines Company is a premier source for all of your pine needle basketry supplies. This nature craft is not weaving, but coiling, using long-leaf pine needles, black walnut slices, agate slices, basketry threads and sinew to make baskets and other crafts.

Pine basket, bough, and cones pictureThis is a small family business and we strive to make quality products and offer personal service to all of our customers. The office hours are 10:00 - 5:00 Monday through Friday. If we are out of the office, the answering machine will pick up your calls and will not record your phone number. Please leave a message or an order with a phone number and I will call you back if needed. We are 'old fashioned' and do not keep any of your personal information on the computer. All customer information is kept in a secure paper file for any future orders.

We make most of our products, from gathering and bundling of pine needles to slicing walnuts. We also make the gauges, wooden bases, lid knobs, and agate centers, bone cards of threads and sinews.

Order Coiling supplies from us, just find what you want on the Supplies page; then go to the Order Form, print it out, fill it out and mail it to us. email us with the information requested on the Order Form. FYI: our email address has changed to You can just click on the email address above.

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