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Agates, Resin, and Artwood Centers

Agate is composed primarily of microscopically crystallized silica and often occurs as a cavity filling in lavas. Agate is formed in layers and usually follows the shape of the cavity. These specimens are sawed and polished slices of agate that filled cavities in basaltic rock or lava. Some agate slices are treated with compounds and heated to give them the brilliant colors. Origin: Brazil.

agates set in resin, and not set in resin, in small, medium and large sizes. The polymer compound is certainly NOT a natural product, however I like to think of it as a "bridge" between two natural products, like pine needles and rock. Because of this medium one can use natural things like agates and rock in their pine needle creations.

Resin creates a clear glass-like finish that is durable and waterproof. It is also heat and alcohol resistant, however, it should not be intentionally subjected to high temperatures such as cigarettes, cooking utensils, etc. It can withstand the low temperatures required when waxing a basket. Not recommended for use in the microwave. Can be drilled, sanded or cut with a dremel tool, to customise each piece to your individual needs.

Difference between agate set in resin and not set in resin is visible in the photo at right. Agates set in resin are on the left. This photo also shows relative differences between small, medium, and large size agates.

Learn how to use the invisible stitch to set your agate "into" your basket!

Wood centers!

Cut, set in resin and drilled to provide another unique and beautiful center for your latest coiled creation.

Learn how to use the invisible stitch to set your wood slice "into" your basket!

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