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Agate with pine needles attached, using the invisible stitchThe Invisible Stitch

This invisible stitch can be used on any set-in-resin base, i.e. agate, wood, or sea shell. This will make your center appear to be set into the basket instead of sewn in (although it is sewn in, you can't see the attaching stitches from the front or top of basket.)

Begin by tying three whole pine needles together, just under the sheaths or caps of pine needles. Cut off the caps of the needles close to the knot and place the sewing needle into thread. Place this beginning coil on top of the resin lip and close to the base. Always bring needle from back of work to front. Lap stitch over coil and continue to next hole in base.close up rendition of invisible stitch You will need to add additional pine needles to help build it up so that when you come around to the beginning stitch, there will be plenty of needles in the coil to help hide the beginning knot and thin coil.

If you are using the agates for handle attachments, you can trim or sand off the unnecessary resin and holes with a hand rotary tool, i.e., Dremel.

Note: Resin should not intentionally be subjected to high temperatures, such as cigarettes or cooking utensils. Not recommended for microwave use.

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