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Coiling Supplies

Longleaf Pine NeedlesSouthern Longleaf
Pine Needles

Being "leaves" of the Southern Longleaf Pine tree, the brown mature needles fall in the autumn, and are carefully collected. They are bundled, keeping the heads in one direction. These rich brown, 3 part needles are 10 - 15" long. They are clean, straight, and are banded on both ends. Sold by circumference, they are measured across the bundle under the heads. Being a natural material, they will have some broken short needles, and dead ends.




Small (5" bundle), approximately 300 needles, will make a small 6" basket - $7.00
Medium (6.5" bundle) - $10.00
Large (9" bundle) - $16.00


Ggauge photoauge - this 3/8" copper tube is flared on one end
for easy insertion of pine needles.
It helps keep the coils of our basket a uniform size. Both are $2.00

Smaller Gauge - 1/4" size for miniatures - $2.00



Sewing Needles

All needles are John James needles, "Importers of the finest quality English needles".

John James sewing needles
Darner - the perfect size sewing needle for all of our threads. It has a sharp point, large eye, and is 2.25" long
Size #1 - 4/$1.00
Curved Sewing needle - a must for stitching in tight places and sewing coils to the outside of baskets.
It has a sharp point, large eye, and is 2 1/4" long. - $1.00 each
Larger size - Can't seem to thread those needles as easily, or maybe you just like using a longer needle? This one has a sharp point, larger eye, and is 2 1/2 inches long.
Size #2 - 4/$1.00 or $ .35/each
Variety pack - 3 needles; curved, #1 and #2 - $1.50




Waxed Polyester Thread

This is a waxed polyester thread made in USA! 
The size is .030 and has the look and feel of waxed linen (3-4 ply). 210 foot spools. $6.00 each.

Colors are:

(back row) black, turquoise, golden brown and royal blue
(middle row) raspberry, evergreen, purple, dark brown
(front) red

C - Lon
This #18 braided nylon thread replaces the nylon basketry thread.

Same great colors and strength!
7mm - 86 yeards.
Colors are:
Dark Brown, Light Brown, Copper, turquoise, dark green.
Price is $6.00 each.
picture of new C-Lon thread

Artificial Sinew

These strong artificial sinew threads are waxed and comes off the spool flat.
It can be split, twisted into a cordage, or used flat for solid wrapping the pine needle coils.

Sinew - 1/2 pound spools only (300 yards) @ $11.00 each
(these colors ONLY in 1/2 pound spool!)

Back Row  - White, yellow, & red
Front row - Light Brown, beige, & black, & honey

artificial sinew pic


Sinew - 1/4 pound spool only
(these colors ONLY in 1/4 pound spool!)

(150 yards) @ $7.50 each

Back Row - Dark green, emerald green, orange & turquoise
Front Row - royal blue, purple, dark purple, brick red, dark brown, grey

thread sinew photo

"Bone cards" of sinew available in all colors including natural - 60' length
- $2.25 each - state color


Basket Centers

Hickory Nuts

Hickory Nuts are set in resin with holes drilled.

$5.00 each

hickory nut centers image

Triangle-shaped Black Walnuts

triangle shaped black walnuts

These triangle shaped black walnut are some of natures oddities. They are set in resin with holes drilled.

each - $6.00


The White Walnut or sometimes called the Butternut.
They are set in resin with holes drilled.

$5.00 each

white walnut or butternut


Stained Glass Centers

stained-glass basket centers image

Stained Glass Basket Centers

Pieces of real stained glass are set at random into resin. Size approx. 4 inches across.

$15.00 each


Bone fish -  2.5" x 1" 

Carved on both sides - holes drilled in resin.

$5.00 each


BoneTurtles too! 

$5.00 each

Fish basket photo


This images shows a basket made with the
bonefish center. For a larger view, click here to go to
our basket gallery page.


Black Walnut Slicesphoto of black walnut slices

Approximately 1 - 1 1/2" round, 1/4"thick.


Quantity Price
Each .55
Package of 12 $6.00





Basket featuring betel nut center and at sidesBetel Nut Slice Centers

Betel nuts have been sliced and have a wonderful natural pattern inside. They are set in resin and drilled for a unique center!


Betel Nut Slices - $5.00

betel nut slice centers









fossil snail image


Fossil Snail - Ammonite

This ammonite whose name means "Ammo's Stone" is named after Ammon, an Egyptian god with the head of a ram, symbolizing fertility and life. The ammonite was one of the many strange creatures inhabiting the warm seas of earth 300 - 400 millions years ago. Only the snail's calcium rich shell has survived to become a fossil. All are set in resin and ave holes drilled. Size is 1.5 inches. (5 on right are set in resin)

$5.00 each


Geodes, Stones and Walnut Knobs for Lids

stone lid knobsStone - faux turquoise (from time to time we have different kinds of stones - please call or e-mail to inquire about what's available.) I can set your favorite stones in resin, so call or e-mail for details.

Geode & Stone knobs - $5.00 (geodes are natural colors; brown with some crystals inside).

Walnut knobs - $5.00

Set in resin, drilled with holes for your convenience...make great lids for gourds or baskets!


Agate Centers

Dare to be Different - agates in basketAgates are set in resin, and are predrilled with holes (approximately 1/4" apart). They are also available without holes (please specify when ordering).

If using the agates for a basket center, the holes would be drilled all around for attaching basket materials. If used for handles or embellishments, they may be drilled only in necessary places. All excess resin may be cut or sanded away.

For more information about Agates (& resin & wood centers), click here.

Agate Pricing
Size Price
Medium (approx. 2.5-3") $6.00 each
Large (approx. 3.5-4") $9.00 each





Shellac Flakes when mixed with denatured alcohol, makes up to 16 oz. of shellac. Platinum Pale doesn't stain threads.
2 oz. bag with mixing instructions - $8.00

For more information about Shellac, click here.



Agate Centers Sizes & Prices

E-mail orders to us, or print the order form, fill it in and mail it to us.

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